14 July 2008

A Texas Fourth

To start off the day, Lee, Garrett, Bo, and a couple gentlemen from the wArd went mountain biking....oh yeah, and I went too. The Maiden Voyage as it were for me and all my spandex. It was a blast actually, and I did better then I was anticipating. When super-biker-Lee comes back with gashes galore and bruises beyond I was preparing for battle wounds to show off to our fourth guests later that day. In this, I was disappointed because these pretties didn't bloom till the next day....and they have only increased in their brilliant color!

Later, we were further entertained by some Amazing Acrobatics demonstrated by various members of the family.
Dad steps up to the plate...


Then Kayla cheats.

Bo winds up,

and pulls a mulan kung-fu kick...cool.

What do you think is Angie doing?

She looks so tough.

Garret looks like some huge kind of bird with his big hands and feet.

And Whit soars

Who knows what happened here, but garrett is getting a kick out of it!

Go Lee!

Then the boys start getting fancy on us.

too athletic for me.


bellybutton said...

that seems so fun! i want to live in texas!!!!!!

Oldest Girl said...

That looks like what I used to do at the Johnsons all summer long! Estee, that pictures of your knees almost looked like something else at first glance! HAHAHAHAH!

Mama said...

Thanks for inviting us! Looks like we missed out on a lot of fun again. Oh well, the photos will keep us wishing. Thanks!!!! xoxo Mom