27 July 2008

Alpine 4H Camp Memories

Dearest Graham Clan

Carolyn and I just returned from what has been a wonderful weekend at the Alpine 4H Camp. Some of you know that when we were first married, and looking at family pictures, I saw a picture of the Alpine girls camp and thought we were looking at my pictures.

As it turns out, it was Carolyn's pictures. Her family, the Robinson Clan (through her mother Jean) settled Afton and Freedom, and had yearly reunions at the 4H Camp the week before the Armstrong reunion....for years!!! Neither of us have been back since we were teenagers.

This year, we had committed to attend the John Robinson Anne Gregson Reunion. The Root of the Robinson family that joined the church. John Robinson was our pioneer. It was a wonderful experience for Carolyn and I to take our own kids to the place where we had so many wonderful memories. A few things have changed, but mostly, it was just like stepping back in time.

One of the great surpises was to see our cousin, David Bednar!!!! He married into the Robinson Clan like I did. We walked in the old hall, and I said to Abby, "Hey, there is Elder Bednar!!!" We literally sat at his feet. We were on the front row, next to the SAME OLD PIANO!!!!!----and Elder Bednar was our closing speaker at the program on Friday night. He was nearly standing on Sunee's toes!

There was a hush as he spoke. I felt like I should take off my hat in that spot. He said some profound things. Speaking about the John Robinson Family History, entitled " A Legacy of Honor", he asked us a simple question " Are you bringing Honor to their Legacy?" He spoke of this for a time and then stated something very profound. I will try to remember it.

He said "It is my witness that all the keys of this dispensation are on earth. I witness that the hearts of the Children are turned to the Fathers, and the hearts of the Fathers are turned to the Children. I am a witness of the keys to the sealing power. I do not know if all the keys to this dispensation have ever been present at this place, but I bear witness to you tonight that all the keys to this dispensation are present in this room, right now. I hold them, and I bear witness they are real...."

After the meeting, Carolyn and I, Abby and some of the other kids got to talk to him for a bit. This picture is obviously special to us.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Brad and Carolyn

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