07 July 2008

EFY Nauvoo!!

Hey everyone! I just got back from an amazing time at EFY...in Nauvoo with my bestest friend. It was freaking amazing! There is just an increadible spirit there that you can't feel anywhere else. We walked past the temple every day and did scripture study on the grounds everyday. We even got to do baptisms. There was only about 150 people all together so it was just way fun. I recommend it highly. I sang a song a wrote in the tallent show...haha and got to do the music program. Met so many amazing people and friends that I hope will keep in thouch. I had such a blast. Anyways loves to you all and looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!!-abby


bellybutton said...

That sounds like such a great time Abby! I wish my girls could have done it. They are at EFY right now. We didn't get in the ones we wanted out west so they stayed close to home!

Oldest Girl said...

That last comment was from Amy not Annabelle