10 July 2008

The Doll Party

What can i say---it left me speechless!

From the backyard, painted signs, each post so beautiful, the costumes, the nursing kits, getting certified as a nurse, the party was amazing--hot and amazing! I'll do it again in a heart beat--wish you all could have been here!


Oldest Girl said...

Wow what a fun time. You all look so great! Whit is so grown up! I love it. Way to go! I know you all worked hard to make that fun memory happen!

Jen said...

how fun!! i can't believe how old whit looks!! i'm gald you had fun!!

bellybutton said...

who was this party for??? was it just a random party????????

Oldest Girl said...

hey this is shelby. i was looking at these pictures and it's so funny because i saw rebekah coenen in them! we've kinda been talking and are planning on getting to know each other out at BYU. crazy!