09 November 2007

I Felt the Rain Down in Africa

We landed at an airfield in the bush after 2 hours behind a propeller in a plane from Joburg. My brother turned to me as if to say "hurry boy its waiting there for you." Down steep hills on muddy roads with ruts I saw a lone elephant behind a pond, maybe I would find "some long forgotten words or ancient melodies." Up at dawn out at late at night I find beauty in the black disturbed rhino, the sleeping lioness, the rythmic chatter of our ponchos, wild hogs, or chase of the cheetah. But surrounded by those witnesses, I "grow restless longing for some solitary company" with mi amore Amy..

I had fun steeling some phrases from Toto's lyric's above but words can't describe the world I got to see. We were out early one moring when the mist of the dawn was still in the low air and we saw a cheetah with little cubs about 100 yards ahead. She didn't let us get too close, but her movements were from graceful and magestic almost heaven like. I'll never forget it. All the time she was sensing every small sound or movement around her to make sure she could protect her cubs.

But all the time I wished Amy or my girls were with me, all the time. So, I'm blessed with the gifts of heaven in my life. As the song goes, "its gonna take a lot to drag me away from you." craig


Oldest Girl said...

I love Craig! He is the greatest!

Dallas Graham said...

Great, great shots and great writing. I'm waiting for the book, rafiki. That rhino is stellar!

Mama said...

Craig this are unbelievable photos!!! Did you really take them with your camera with you looking through the lens? Hard to believe that they aren't National Geo. I would love to have them all to gaze at - - of course with you there to explain how it was to be there. Just incredible! But we are glad you are home and no big spider carted you off. xoxoxo Mom