15 November 2007

Blue Eyed Mady

Hey guys, I just wanted to update you on our life as of late. Shelby and Madelyn have started Basketball full force this week. They have their third game tonight. Madelyn made Varsity! Yipee!! So her and Shelby play on the same team! It is so much fun watching them play together. In their opening game Shelby didn't get to play because of being out of town last week. But Madelyn scored 18 points. They won the game and are really excited because they may have a better team this year. They have really struggled the past few years at Eastlake. But we have already had a better season this year. We lost last night to a team that mopped the floor with us last year. They are a first in the county and a large team of nice black scary girls. Last night, for the first time in four years, we were tied at half and even led for a few minutes in the 3rd quarter. It was great. We lost but we are not too dissapointed because we at least played them. They beat us by 50 last year. The girls were ok with the outcome because they new there competed. Shelby is awsome under the basket getting all kinds of rebouds and scored 8 or 10 points. Madelyn got it in the eye and she is going to have a great shiner! She was hurting but now loves looking rough. We love our Lilly. She is almost 1! Enjoy

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Mama said...

You know of course, that I am really a cheerleader at heart. This is totally exciting to me. I can just hear the crowd and feel the excitement. That is what makes cheerleaders jump so high and do things they don't generally do. I just hope you can truly enjoy these times with Shelby and Mady on the same team! Give them big hugs from me! I am and will always be their biggest fan and constant cheerleader! xoxoxo Mom