02 November 2008

Trick or Treat

Just wanted to share some of our Halloween Fun! We got home from a day in Munich (Hard Rock Cafe for dinner:) love it!!) and ran to grab our costumes and run outside to trick or treat. We learned how to say "it" in german...i can't spell it right, but phoneticly it sounded like this
"zoo-sus or-na-zours" and that my loved ones is how they are saying their version of trick or treat. We are really happy that our neighborhood even had trick-or-treating, celebrating halloween in germany is only about 3 years old!! Anyway, we had some fun! Check out my cute super heros!!
We had an incredible hulk...
Spiderman was in the house too!! She wore that mask all night, handing out candy and so on....she got a lot of words said to her that she didn't understand...she was in heaven!!
We've had Bruce and Jan here for the past week, we're dog tired from all the fun and sight-seeing....but it's been great. We have a place to stay folks, and LOTS of places we still want to see...you could come see them with us!! Love you!!!


Mama said...

Thanks for a peek at the German Halloween! Can't pronounce the word, but it probably brought goodies. Two spierman characters in our family this year. How spooky is that? Love seein you in your element! xoxox Mom

Oldest Girl said...

I love the Lucy was Spider Man! You are so super hero! We had a modge podge. I will post soon!

Dallas Graham said...

I second Lucy as Spider-Man! So great. Were you in some kind of apartment complex? Why is it only 3 years old?