17 November 2008

Elder Graham Squared! (You Gotta Read This)

Hey there family!
What an exciting and interesting week! As you now know, I am in Rio Bravo, working with Elder Moreno, he doesnt have to much on the mission. We are getting along great, and he is a real humble guy that has a great testimony – he just needs to share it better! But yes, we are working together in this rather large area, trying to have investigators in two branches, activating and reorganizing the registries (I am the secretary of my branch) and building and sharing the restored gospel. The Lord has blessed us a whole bunch, because we are striving to be 100 percent obedient, new investigators, friendly people, great lessons. Now its time to baptise.
You know that we had the awesome chance to visit the temple in Monterrey again, and give ear to two apostles of our Lord. We woke up at 3 in the morning to get there on time. Once there, I was in the presence of someone very dear to me – Elder James Graham. I saw him, he looks very much the same, and gave him a big hug. We were both pretty much speachless, in english and spanish. But we made our way into the chapel at the church building there, and by a little miracle I sat two seats next to my dear cousin. We sat and read scriptures, and I couldnt believe what was happening in that moment. Elder Neilson and Elder Scott wanted to shake our hands individually. Elder Graham and I stood shoulder to shoulder his arm wrapped around me, we waited until the moment when Elder Neilson shook our hands asking the question – are you two related? Elder Scott is short but powerful, and speaks beautiful spanish. We were instructed, then had us leave quite too fast. I said goodbye to Elder Graham, I couldnt record it because they told us we couldnt bring cameras. They didnt tell that to Elder James, so we got a picture! I also did see Elder Heftel, but I seriously did not recognize him until I looked at him for about 5 minutes. It was great to see everyone!
Then we headed home and watched an amazing cultural event that was held in Mexico City in a stadium called Azteca – one of the biggest staduims in the world! It was a phenominal event, and both President Monson and Eyering were there presiding. It threatened rain, but President Monson said yesterday that he said a prayer to God asking Him that it would not rain on the show. Everything went perfect. It went through the story of the Nephites and Lamanites, then through lots of history of the united states of Mexico, lots of acting and TONS of dancing – it was amazing, and I loved every minute. They also had a great orchestra and chior – and then the missionaries came out. I dont know if Elder Bamgartner was in there, but there were hundreds I believe. Thousands of people put a lot of work into that – it was a testimony booster. I love every seconed I get to hear President Monsons voice – because I know it is the voice of the Lord.
Then yes, we watch both sessions of the dedication of the Mexico City Temple. Wow. How blessed am I? To hear several talks by apostles and prophets. I was touched by the principles that were taught. I know how real the plan of Salvation is – every now and then hundreds of memories flood into my mind at once, and I know they are full of purpose. This life – it is so precious. And it is part of an amazing plan. I wish I could recount the experiences I have had this week – people finding purpose to their life and realizing the beauty and necessity of the Book of Mormon.
I now hold temples in the highest regard. I very anxiously await the happy day where Ill take my future wife there. We will be sealed. Even death cant stop it. I will be with my family.
I cant, cant express my love for every single one of you. There are always difficulties, always challenges, especially right now. But we´ve got our family. I seriously dont need anything else. I look forward to hearing your voices this upcoming month.
Yes, I am happy and healthy. This week was way to freakin fast. The past two days were a blur. Its getting very cold here. Its cold but there is no snow, just dust. Cold and dusty. Some sort of insect egg broke open in our house and literally flooded the floor with millions of gnats. I swept them up and made a disgusting pile. I breathed in gnat wings. I cleaned a bathroom that hadnt been cleaned in years, The streets flooded once again, saying hello to me. I lost my bike pedal and my one brake doesnt work. The back of my shirts are stained with mud flipping up onto my back. Our branch piano is so out of tune that its difficult to pick out the song being played. Me and Elder James Graham switched name tags! The dogs hate missionaries. Our branch president doesnt live in the branch boundries. Whew.
There are some facts about my life right now!
I love you.


Oldest Girl said...

WOW! That is such an awsome experience! What a wonderful thing. To hear the prophet and be with the apostles. I love those boys!

Mama said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What a thrill to read this awesome letter! What a thrill to know that James and Landon were in each others arms, speechless in either English or Spanish. Just filled with love and comrades in the work of the Lord. Thanks for posting this wonderful news! We love our missionaries! xoxoxo Mom/G.G.

bellybutton said...

EWWWW!!!!! BIG SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dallas Graham said...

This is so great... to read and see all of this going on! Thank you Brad for posting! Dxo