11 November 2008

My New Glasses

I'm not really the one to post a lot, but my mom was taking forever on this!!! FYI, I got glasses yesterday and I was wondering what everyone would think of them. Heres some pictures to look at. (I also curled my hair so I might look really different there.)


Estee Marie said...

hottt! i love em'! i sometimes wish i could have glasses so i could look smart sometimes.

Dallas Graham said...

I must say: I've always been a fan of your face! The glasses only add a cute embellishment to an already-lovely face! Now we'll look even more like we're related! And your hair is ULTRA long, no? Dxo

bubblyone said...

honey you are so beautiful! I love your glasses and your hair! AHHHHHHHHHH we miss you and just want to give you big hugs---you look to grown up!

aunt ang

Mama said...

Annabelle, how good you look! Just think how much better you can see or look or whatever. Are glasses just wonderful? They make you aware of so much that you have been missing. . . . I mean, most everything was probably coated with fuzz and all. Well, you do look wise and good! Loves. . .G.G.

bubblyone said...

AAAAHHHH BELLY THEY LOOK AWSOME!!!!! i LOVE IT!:) ;) 8) ps the last one has glasses on :p

whit whit