11 June 2009

An update from Duvall!

I just wanted to share a few photos and let you all know that we are all alive! We've been in our house for almost 2 weeks now...and thanks to Mom, we're almost "there"...thank you SO much Mom! So, here are a few photos of the last month or so...

Tyler's birthday party...or should I say Darth Vadar's b.day party! The kids had a great time helping me get the decorations. They were so excited to have a Star Wars party! We found these masks, and just couldn't pass them up! And yes, that is a Darth Vadar holding the "red light saber" candle too!
This is a photo of my little Ruby...in all her glory on our "patio" in the appartment. She loved going out to "play" in the backyard, which just consisted of walking in and out of the sliding door. She was awesome to never venture into the grass...until the day before we moved out! The grass was still a bit SOGGY and she was covered in mud...so wonderful!!
In this photo of Lucy you'll need to look at her lashes extra close...yes, she has put mascara on for the first time. I've been trying hard to keep her away from wanting to wear make-up but she is a girl and really wants to wear it! I let her use powder and that has been sufficient--until this day. She had been playing with her dolls in the bathroom-doing their hair and such. I didn't think anything of the length of time she was in the bathroom-she loves to take care of her dolls and does it all the time. So, she walked out of the bathroom one day and was just playing...and I looked at her...and her eyes were so striking! I thought, wow, she is beautiful!! Then I looked a bit closer...she had found some mascara that I had discarded earlier that day...and put it on! There was no mascara anywhere but on her lashes--she did an awesome job putting it on! But, then later as she was sad, she learned why little girls don't get to wear mascara!! Yes, it runs down the face!!

Anyway, just wanted to share and say hey! I feel like I'm finally getting back to "normal". I even moped and vacuumed the floor today-which means the boxes are less and less!! YEA!! Oh, and guess what, I am going to be published in another magazine in November!! YEA!!!! xoxooxoxox

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Mama said...

Great photos, Jeni. I love the one of Lucy's eyelashes! What fun is that? Wooby is so lovable! Miss you! Looking forward to the reunion! xoxoxo Mom