09 June 2009

Graham's School of Aquatics . . . coming soon!

Check out my new blog page, grahamsaquatics.blogspot.com. We will be starting our first swim session June 15th. Second session begins June 29th, third session begins July 19th. Of course, there will be no lessons the week of July 13th! Wish you all lived a litte closer so you could come and have your kids take lessons!! Love you all and soooo loooooking forward to seeing you all next month!! PS Just found out Elder James Graham will be landing back in Utah on July 16th!! That will be quite the homecoming, Heh!!

1 comment:

Mama said...

How exciting is your swim school?!!! I want to come and observe sometime. You are really incredible to tackle this. Sure will keep your place hopping, won't it? Go, Gina, Go!! Love you! Mom